Update 08 05 2018

The first egg was laid on Sunday 29th April at 16:15. The second egg was laid on Tuesday 2nd May...

Why help these birds?

Over recent years Dutch Elm Disease, the felling of many hollow trees and extreme variations in weather have accounted for the loss of many natural nesting sites for birds, particularly cavity nesting species such as Barn, Little and Tawny Owls and Kestrel. In addition, the conversion or demolition of old farm buildings and the pressure to build new homes within the countryside has meant that many more traditional nest sites have disappeared.

How you can help

During the autumn and winter autumn period, across the country, the Hawk and Owl Trust’s specially trained and licenced conservation fieldworkers identify potential sites and install new boxes for a variety of raptor and owl species. Additionally, existing boxes are cleaned and maintained.

By adopting a box, either for yourself or as a present for a family member or friend, you are taking part in a worthwhile and practical way to help owls and other birds of prey. There are nest boxes in many parts of the country. You can Adopt a Box in one of seven regions, sharing with other adopters. You can also indicate which species of bird you wish to support.

During the breeding season the boxes are monitored by our fieldworkers. At the end of each year you will receive news of the birds that may have used the box allocated to you, and also news of other boxes in the area.

In the UK all wild birds and their nests are protected by law so in the interests of conservation we do not disclose the exact location of individual boxes, except in the case of the Peregrine platforms.

Please support our work from only £2.50 per month