Update 08 05 2018

The first egg was laid on Sunday 29th April at 16:15. The second egg was laid on Tuesday 2nd May...

Barn Owl Web Cam Live

Located in East Anglia as part of the adopt a box scheme. The box was installed in the autumn of 2017. Within weeks a female Barn Owl had moved in. As we have reported over the recent months, the local Jackdaws have tried on numerous occasions to dislodge them, but to no avail.  Prior to Christmas, she was briefly joined by a male then he disappeared over winter, appearing back in the box on 10th April.

We will, subject to site conditions be streaming between 06:00 - 23:00 each day for the duration of the season.

Please support our valuable work by either taking out a subscription to Adopt a Box or supporting our current Fen Appeal to increase the land under our management.

As this year alas was not sucessful due to the late cold weather, then the prolonged dry spell and then the lack of food a second clutch has not been laid. Whilst we will continue to monitor the nest streaming will stop at the end of July.

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